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Links To Other Commodore 64 Sites:

• The VICE Emulator: The one and only VICE Emulator - A free Commodore emulator that allows you to run Commodore 64 software on your PC.

• "Your one stop site with anything about everything regarding the popular Commodore 64 computer."

• gamebase 64: A great selection of Commodore 64 games.

• A HUGE selection of Commodore 64 games to download.

• The SixtyFour Originals Database - A big database with scans of software boxes and manuals.

• Classic Computer Magazine Archive - preserving information from early personal computer magazines. (with permission from the magazines' publishers!)

• Project 64 - "the most comprehensive source for Commodore Computer manuals on the internet."

• DLH's Commodore Archive - loads of PDF scans for Commodore related books, magazines and manuals.

• Vintage is the New Old - recent Commodore news.

• 4 Awesome Books for Commodore 64 Enthusiasts - a list I made for my other web site.

• C64 Studio - a .NET based IDE written by Georg Rottensteiner.

• Commodore 64 Programming #1: A quick start guide to C-64 assembly programming on Windows.

• Commodore Free - A free to download Magazine dedicated to Commodore computers.

• C64 Walkabout - Robinson Mason's retro computing site.

• The Global Commodore User's Group - on Facebook.

• Dustlayer - The Commodore C64 page for Beginners to 6502 Programming.

• FanCA - Commodore and Amiga Fan Team (and their Facebook page).

• CBM .prg Studio - A Windows IDE which allows you to type a BASIC or machine code program and convert it to a '.prg' file, which you can then run in an emulator or on real hardware. It also includes character, sprite and screen editors and a fully featured 6510/65816 debugger.

• Compute!'s Gazette Online - A complete run of all 84 issues! Download or browse the magazines online.

• Quantum Link - Getting online in 1985.

• Museum of Computer Adventure Game History - Scans of complete game sets, museum style!

• 64 Bites - Learn BASIC and 6502 Assembly with bite-sized video tutorials.

• The Future was 8 Bit - Dedicated to keeping 8-bit machines (especially Commodores) running via new hardware and repairs.

Miscellaneous Links:

• 15 Great Books about Video Game History - My own list, from my other web site.

• 11 Excellent Books about the History of Personal Computers - Also from my other web site.

• The Videogame Museum of Rome - Stefano visited this museum and recommended it.

• A Career in Video Games - A video by Computerphile, which uses our scans of Eureka!

• History of the WWW - A great resource for internet history! (Thanks to the kids in the Computer Club at in Colorado for suggesting it!)

• Computers Changed History - A timeline of significant dates and changes to computers throughout the years. (Thanks to Nathan and Brittney for suggesting this link!)



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