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Commodore 64 Boxed Sets

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Cover Name Company
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Murder on the Mississippi Murder on the Mississippi Activision
Neuromancer Neuromancer Interplay
Nightshade Nightshade Ultimate Play The Game
Norway 1985 Norway 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Oil Barons Oil Barons Epyx
One on One: Julius Erving vs. Larry Bird One on One: Julius Erving vs. Larry Bird Electronic Arts
Outlaws Outlaws Ultimate Play The Game
PHM Pegasus PHM Pegasus Electronic Arts
Panzer Grenadier Panzer Grenadier Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Panzers East! Panzers East! Avalon Hill
Pirates! Pirates! Micro Prose
Pitstop II Pitstop II Epyx
Pole Position Pole Position Thunder Mountain
Pool of Radiance Pool of Radiance Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Portal Portal Activision
Psytron Psytron Beyond Software
Questron Questron Strategic Simulations, Inc.
RDF 1985 RDF 1985 Strategic Simulations, Inc.
Racing Destruction Set Racing Destruction Set Electronic Arts
Red Storm Rising Red Storm Rising Micro Prose
Revs Revs Firebird
Risk Risk Leisure Genius
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